Coronavirus (COVID-19): Contacting Tech Support


(Updated 25 March 2020)

We are presently continuing to enact our contingency plans to work around current circumstances involving coronavirus (COVID-19) and as such, all members of our tech team are set up and currently working from home.

You will continue to receive the same levels of support. However, the method in which we ask you to raise the support ticket has changed. We will be moving to a primarily email-based ticket raising system. As our team is working from home this will be the quickest way for them to see the query and respond to you. The support team have facilities to call out and will be still logging in remotely to your systems to ensure we keep you up and running.

If you can send an email to with a brief description of the issue and the best contact details, we will get back to you as soon as possible. All members of our team are now set up working from home following recent Government announcements.

The main number is now set to divert to a number of remote workers. Who will be answering calls and will be able to raise tickets. However, emailing will be the quickest way to obtain tech support. After a ticket is raised, our tech team will contact you directly.

We will continue to update this page if circumstances change.

Thank you for your support and assistance in these challenging times.

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