Top Updates & Features Coming To Clik Software In 2021

things to look forward to in 2021

As we say goodbye to 2020, we are taking the time to plan forward for a new year.

We’ve got lots of big updates for Clik Service and NICEIC Cert Software to get excited about. As well as the anticipated full release of Clik Cert.


Clik Service

Our central management system, Clik Service will be getting some big updates in the coming months. The next update will add additional support between Clik Service and Office 365. These improvements will first focus on upgrading our calendar and email integrations. With settings to overlay your calendars and export your Clik Service data to Outlook.

We also have an upgrade to the engineer schedule currently in progress.  This will provide a new interface for booking engineers for jobs and displaying jobs on the map. The upgraded tool will select the best engineer for a job based on their skill set, working zone, availability and travel time.

Upgrades to the print template editor are also on the way to help you build complex quotes and job templates over a number of pages, as well as the ability to support multiple photos.


NICEIC Cert Software

After another year packed with big feature updates, we are continuing to introduce time-saving improvements to NICEIC Cert Software and Clik Cert Electrical apps in the new year.

First, we are working on a schedule of items observations link. This will enable you to raise observations from the schedule of items page and other locations. The update will speed up the process of filling out your work and ensure you don’t need to input data multiple times. We will also be looking at adding this to Clik Cert Electrical in the year.

Also currently in the works is a big upgrade to the distribution board designer. We wanted to rewrite this section of the software to make it even easier to navigate and create bespoke distribution boards. Have a look at the screenshot below for a sneak peek into how this looks so far:

niceic db designer


Clik Cert (Gas)

The anticipation for the full release of Clik Cert, our brand-new gas certification software has been building at Clik Towers for the last few months of the year. We are aiming for this to be available in early 2021.

The certificate software and engineer apps will bring all your gas safety certificates together in one easy-to-manage place. With the shared database solution option, you can manage your data from Clik Service and Clik Cert in one place. Eradicating the need for inputting the same customer details multiple time.

Clik Cert will be home to a large library of gas certificates on initial release. With industry standard certificates to follow with a bespoke certificate building service. Take certs with you onsite with the apps for iOS and Android to bring your team together.

clik cert apps

Interested in knowing more about managing your gas safety certificates the easy way? Get in touch with our team.


Clik Remote

We’ve got two new licence options in the works for Clik Remote that will help you support your customers and monitor targets.

If your customers have multiple sites to manage, details can get confusing and important updates can be lost. The Site login will allow your customers to better manage their ongoing work and simplify the process. Make sure your customers only see the information that is relevant to their site and ensure they can view job progress and accept the right quotes.

clik remote sites login

Managing every aspect of your business can be difficult when your workload grows. With multiple engineers to supervise and paperwork taking over your desk, you never have the time to stop and check to see if business is progressing in the right direction. The Dashboard licence for Clik Remote will provide a simplified display of widget and graphs. So you can check up on important statistics with a glance.

2 comments on “Top Updates & Features Coming To Clik Software In 2021

  1. being able tp create Board templates on NICEIC cert when working on ipad would be a great welcome. when having to create 2 certs such as a EIC and then an EICR, you have to create the boards twice,

    1. Hello Peter. thank you for your comment.
      Adding board templates for Clik Cert Electrical is something we will be looking into to make it easier to add boards across multiple certs.
      In the meantime, it is possible to save the board to the board library in the office, add it to a different cert and send the cert to your device.
      If you have any further suggestions for improvements, please email them over to
      Thanks – Jess

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