Clik Remote UI Refresh Incoming

Clik Remote Refresh 2018

You heard it here first, we are introducing a shiny new user interface for our Clik Remote software packages.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on a new UI for our Clik Remote modules and plan to have it out before the end of summer. We have de-cluttered the menus and designed the layout in-line with our other Clik products to add just a bit more continuity. Have a look below at some of the screenshots we’ve got so far (we’re pretty proud of it).

clik remote diary

Alongside the beautiful new look, we will also be delving into our wish list and reviewing the feedback YOU have been giving to us. If you want to have your say about the current Clik Remote, then please get in touch with us and let us know what you like and what can be improved.

Clik Remote jobs

We will be providing further updates regarding the refresh when we know more, along with even more screenshots and an insight into what is to come. New videos and knowledge base articles will also be hot on the heels of the release so you know exactly how to take advantage of the software. Keep your eyes peeled and watch this space!

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