Christmas Opening Hours 2017

We’ll be closed for Christmas from lunchtime on 22 December and back on 2 January 2018.

If you need support over the Christmas break, have a look on our support site, there are hundreds of helpful articles on there. You can also contact our support team via email, they’ll be keeping the occasional eye on emails in between shovelling mince pies and sherry into their mouths.

Here Is What We’d Like For Christmas

Karl assures us he will use this hammer for the good of man (and cat) kind. Rob in tech would love this, however I think he is going to have to make do with the arrival of his new baby girl – congrats Rob! April wants a Beyonce tree topper. Alex wants a transferable pot lifter so he can retire his oven gloves. (Yeah, we don’t get it either!). Jamie has 30 pairs of shoes, but he does not have any pink suede ones. Liam would like a new watch, his current watch has been stuck at 1pm for the last 6 months (no wonder he is always eating). Jodie needs a blow up helmet as she is always falling off her bike. Eric has dedicated his body to Star Wars with some traditional Star Wars tattoos; however, he looks to have joined the dark side with his newest request.

Have a cracking Christmas and a very jolly New Year, we’ve loved working with you all in 2017, here’s to a great 2018.

Love Team Clik x

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