An Introduction To Clik Remote F-Gas Q&A


We held a webinar on 6 November 2019 to showcase the new F-Gas module coming to Clik Remote.

Here are all the questions that were submitted during the live event, answered by our trainer, Tom.


We have environment control equipment that comes pre-charged. How do you log it without it looking like we have added the refrigerant to the system and not the manufacturer?

You can set an initial charge on a system when creating. This is the only time you can do it without having to specify cylinder.


Does this system have the ability to connect to a customer management system in order to allow you to have live customer records?

No, it does not have the ability to connect to another system. But the customer can use the Customer login for Clik Remote to access their live records.


I’ve noticed when creating logs and the cylinder drop-down is shown it only displays the cylinder description. If the serial number is not entered in the cylinder description title, will it not display when selecting a cylinder to input f-gas logs?

At present, it only shows the description. But we may adapt this in the future to include the serial number if it is desirable.


You mentioned recycled cylinders – recovery cylinders are used to recover & recharge back into system

You can use new/recycled to recharge as long as the gas is the same.


Is there a way of marking a cylinder as lost instead of consiged?

Not presently, no.


Will you be incorporating the ability for recording a waste transfer note, i.e. consignment note, on each F-Gas log (which involves the disposal of gas)? Clik Remote v4 f-gas logging currently has a free-text box for waste transfer note.

Yes, you will be able to record consignment notes in Clik Remote.


When performing a leak test, the system doesn’t allow for the same reclaimed gas to be put back into the system it had just been taken out of?

It can do as long as the cylinder is set to new.


Can we add kit that is already on Clik system and back add it?

Yes, but if you want to retrospectively add logs in as well you must set the commissioning date to the oldest log date.


What about calls we have already done can we add it retrospectively?

Yes, but if you want to retrospectively add logs in as well you must set the commissioning date to the oldest log date.


Is this an app?

No, Clik Remote is a web-based program. But you can access the software on any device (laptop, tablet etc) with an internet connection.


Clik Remote, is this used in conjunction with Clik Service?

Yes. Clik Remote works alongside your main Clik Service database. Clik Service is required in order to run Clik Remote.


If an engineer was to forget to record the refrigerant but was to let us know if the office, are we able to update the log through Clik Service?

Yes, this can be done through Clik Service.  Or the engineer can add a log retrospectively on Clik Remote if you allow them. A Clik Remote Manager login would also give you the ability to record the refrigerant and include the engineer responsible.


Can we have access to trial this system?

Yes. If you have not yet started using Clik Remote, you can start a free demo of the software. If you are a current Clik Remote user interested in trying out the new F-Gas module, please contact your account manager.


Will this be available in Clik jobs at any time in the future?

We do not envisage this being in Clik Jobs, due to the real-time requirement of cylinder/system levels.


If you have any questions that were not answered in this Q&A, leave them in the comments below and we will get back to you.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the live webinar; you can now watch it on our support site. We hope to see you at the next one!


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