A Beginner’s Guide To Clik Remote Q&A


We held our Clik Remote introductory webinar on 3 October 2019. We asked for your questions, so here are the answers.


Are we able to buy the licence but use it on various formats, such as a phone, laptop, iPad?

Yes. A Clik Remote licence can be used on any device with an internet connection.


Can we test this while keeping Clik as is?

Clik Remote runs in tandem with Clik Service and requires a live connection to your Clik Service database. Clik Remote is set up on your server and hosted locally, you will then be able to access to your Clik Service data using the Manager login. You can access a free demo of Clik Remote so you can test it out.


Can you still post invoices to accounts software such as Xero and Sage?

Clik Remote allows you to create and edit invoices, but you would have to post the data back to your account packages from Clik Service. Clik Remote offers a live connection to your Clik Service database so any invoices created on-the-go can be easily found in Clik Service, ready to be posted to Xero or Sage.


Can this version work with phone systems and in what capacity?

No, unfortunately, it does not have any phone system integrations.


At present the version of Clik we use does not seem to connect quotes to service contracts, does this version allow this?

Unfortunately, this is not a function in the current Clik Remote.


Can you link job sheets to invoice to email in Clik Remote?

No, this can be completed in advanced printing in Clik Service. It will be able to links from job sheets to invoices, as well as every other type of link to that item.


Is this webinar available as a download?

You can now watch the full webinar on our support site.


Creating an invoice from multiple job sheets.

Batch job invoicing is an option within Clik Service, so you can select multiple jobs and group them into one invoice. This is currently not an option within Clik Remote.


Can the manager complete a job sheet within in Clik Remote?

Yes, within Clik Remote, managers will be able to create, edit, view and complete job sheets.


How does the invoicing information get through the nominal ledger? Do you need a separate accounts package?

Your accounts package integration is set in Clik Service, so the posting of invoices purchase orders and credits will all take place in the main desktop software. However, you can set up customer, supplier and product nominals in Clik Service so when you choose these in Clik Remote, it will pull through the correct corresponding nominal.

For assistance with this, please contact our tech team, who would be able to walk you through the process.


Will this replace Clik Jobs?

No, we are still continuing to offer both Clik Jobs and Clik Remote.


Will this be a suitable alternative to Clik Jobs?

It depends on your own situations and how much functionality you wish to give to your engineers. Clik Jobs is a mobile app that does not need constant internet access. On the other hand, Clik Remote does require an internet connection but offers more module access for your engineers.

Clik Jobs can be used used for engineers to fill out job sheets, Clik Remote can also allow your workforce to complete quotes, access the diary, add to your CRM and more.

Here is the full list of differences between Clik Jobs and Clik Remote Engineer.


Would it be possible for the format to be implemented across the other services/applications? This format looks easy to navigate!

We will be looking into improving other products in the future. Stay tuned for further details on this!


What is the benefit of Clik Remote over Clik Service?

Clik Remote works alongside your main Clik Service database and provides you access to the main Clik Service modules when you are out of the office.


Will you be showing the customer-facing side of Clik Remote in this webinar?

‘The Beginner’s Guide To Clik Remote’ only covers the Manager login. We will be looking into organising webinars that highlight the remaining logins – including Customer – in the future. Let us know what you want to see in future webinars by completing this quick survey.


Is there going to be an app that our engineers can access this info on their phone/tablets and input information that we can see?

The Engineer login for Clik Remote will allow your engineers to access their jobs, CRM and more when on-the-go on any device with an internet connection. The live connection between Clik Remote and Clik Service means you can see the progress of jobs quickly and easily


Can we test Clik Remote 6 with a couple of users whilst keeping the majority of users on the existing version 5?

Yes, you can access a free demo of the new Clik Remote and set up a few users on it before upgrading. If you are looking to upgrade fully to the new software, get in touch with your account manager.


Is it possible to have products an item in Clik Remote, so we can see if stock or price of a product is easily seen? Currently, you can only get this by setting up a job.

The products database is not fully accessible in Clik Remote, only in terms of allocations to jobs and purchasing.


How do you assign a job into the future say a twice visit year for planned maintenance?

Within Clik Service, you can set up a contract with a recurrence pattern for regular planned maintenance visits. From there, you can quickly create a job sheet and edit the job details in Clik Remote.

You can adjust the details of a job, including the date of the work at any time in Clik Remote Manager.


Is Clik Remote a separate subscription or part of Clik Service?

Clik Remote is a separate product and therefore requires appropriate licences for your users. You can find a brief overview of the costs on our website or you can contact your account manager for a personalised quote for your business.


When are you doing the engineers webinar?

We will be looking into putting together a webinar showing off Clik Remote Engineer, along with some exciting new features soon.


Thank you to everyone who signed up and attended our Beginner’s Guide To Clik Remote webinar. We hope to see you at the next event!

You can now catch up and watch the webinar on our website at any time.


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