Don’t Be Held To Ransom Over Your Own Data

Ransomware attacks are the new scam of choice for covert cyber criminals. You may already have already come under attack or know someone that has. But the crypto malware hackers are prolifically distributing, can wreak havoc on your computer network, with attacks in the UK on the rise.

Speed Up Your E-Certs, With New Drop-down Menus

Every spark job is different and has its quirks. But when it comes to filling in circuit details on certificates, there’ll be entry’s you’ll find yourself typing again and again. In our continued efforts to speed up your cert filling game, the latest NICEIC Cert Software update includes circuit detail drop-down menus.

ELECSA E-Certs Come To Clik

Following the partnership of NICEIC and ELECSA under the Certsure brand, for the first time we’ve been able to add ELECSA certificates to our NICEIC electrical certificate software.